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UEFA Champions League: Top 8 WAGS of Real Madrid vs. Manchester United, Soccer | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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UEFA Champions League: Top 8 WAGS of Real Madrid vs. Manchester United

UEFA Champions League: Top 8 WAGS of Real Madrid vs. Manchester United

Hyped by on February 12, 2013 Website: thepremierleagueinsider.com

The coverage of the match between Real Madrid and Manchester United is not complete without covering the WAGS. The WAGS are the Wives and Girlfriends of Athletes who leave their mark in the world of sports and beyond.

The WAGS come from all walks of life and are journalists, artists, and models. They may be housewives who are there when their athlete husbands suffer defeat.

The Premier League Insider chose the top five WAGS of the rivalry between Real Madrid and Manchester United. The purpose is to highlight their contribution to society at a time when tabloids sell unlimited sexuality.

Sara Carbonero-Real Madrid
Sara Carbonero is the girlfriend of Real Madrid Goalkeeper Iker Casillas. She is currently a journalist for Telecinco although at times gives reports for Televisa’s “La Jugada”.

Ms. Carbonero recently declared in La Jugada about the latest infighting between Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho and the clubs players. Cristiano Ronaldo [Real Madrid/Manchester United] condemned Ms. Carbonero’s report.

The segment was published in the English Section of the Spanish Sports Magazine Marca.

It remains to be seen whether she will report from Santiago Bernabeu. She can be seen in this You Tube video courtesy of Canal Gente.

Irina Shayk-Real Madrid
Irina Shayk is the WAG of Cristiano Ronaldo and is from Russia. Ms. Shayk is the official goodwill ambassador for a health care organization called POMOGI.

The purpose of POMOGI is to provide care for sick children in Russia. There is nothing like giving back to those who need it the most.

Helen Mc Connell-Jonny Evans
Helen Mc Connell is the WAG of Jonny Evans and the two will marry in the summer of 2013. Ms. Connell is a strong supporter of Manchester United along with members of her family.

Ms. Mc Connell is not shy of showing loyalty and helping the Reds including working at MUTV. MUTV is Manchester United TV.

Edurne Garcia Almagro-David De Gea
Edurne Garcia Almagro is a Spanish Pop Singer who is the WAG of Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea.

Coleen Rooney-Wayne Rooney
Coleen Rooney is the WAG of Wayne Rooney who is in the news for bad and good. Mrs. Rooney recently lost her sister to a long term illness.

She is also pregnant with her second child and is attempting to put a brave front according to the Daily Mail.

Nagore Aramburu- Xabi Alonso
Nagore Aramburu is the WAG of Real Madrid’s Xabi Alonso. She is also the owner of a clothing store for infants as reported by ABC of Spain.

Pilar Rubio-Sergio Ramos
Pilar Rubio is a reporter for La Sexta of Spain. She is the WAG of Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos.

Ana Vidic-Nemanja Vidic
Ana Vidic and her husband Manchester United Captain Nemanja Vidic were in the news. The couple opened a maternity ward in the University Of Hospital South Manchester in England

Without much to say, my best wishes to Real Madrid and Manchester United during the first leg of the Group of 16 UEFA Champions League.

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