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Roger Goodell, the NFL's $30 million dollar man, NFL | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Roger Goodell, the NFL’s $30 million dollar man

Roger Goodell, the NFL’s $30 million dollar man

Hyped by on February 17, 2013 Website: www.thepigskinreport.com

If you are Roger Goodell, life is good these days. You are married to the attractive former Fox News anchor, Jane Skinner. You preside over the most successful sports league in the world. And, oh by the way, the pay isn’t bad either. According to Sportsbusinessdaily.com, Goodell made nearly $30 million dollars in 2011.

The website cites documents released by the NFL in their annual tax return. Most of the $29.4 million was in the form of a bonus, $22.3 million of it. Goodell’s pay is rooted in performance, not a set salary. In 2010, Goodell earned just $11.6 million.

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