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FC Steaua Bucuresti vs. Chelsea FC: 5 Bold Predictions 1st Leg Round of 16 UEFA Europa League

FC Steaua Bucuresti vs. Chelsea FC: 5 Bold Predictions 1st Leg Round of 16 UEFA Europa League

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FC Steaua Bucuresti faces Chelsea FC at the National Arena on March 7, 2013 at 19:00 Hrs. It is expected to be one of the biggest battles of the UEFA Europa League in Bucharest, Romania.

What can be said about the two teams?

FC Steaua Bucuresti

Steaua Bucuresti is owned by Gigi Becali who is a politician and millionaire. The electrifying and positive presence of Becali serves as part of the stimulus for the club’s recent success.

The rest is supplied by a team that appears to be unified and ready for the Round of 16. Steaua has the UEFA Coefficient of 66, six victories, two losses and two draws.

It is expected that Ciprian Tatarusanu will be the goalkeeper in this match. Steaua forward Raul Rusescu is expected to be a predominant force in this match.

Rusescu scored three goals within seven appearances with 481 minutes played. Defenders Iasmin Latoilevichi and Vlad Chiriches are also the ones to watch after the team’s recent victory over Ajax.

They scored the two goals that sent Steaua to the Group of 16.

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC has the UEFA Coefficient of 5 with one win and one draw in this tournament.

While Petr Cech is expected to be the goalkeeper, the club has been rife with internal strife. Rafa Benitez is not popular among the Chelsea supporters.

Benitez is not popular secondary to his links with Liverpool and because of his temporary status as manager. Roman Abramovich who is the owner is notorious for sacking managers for not living up to his version of perfection.

Fernando Torres will probably fail in his attempts to score as usual. Cesar Azpilicueta, John Terry, and Frank Lampard may be the predominant force in this match assisting Oscar and Eden Hazard.

The top goal scorer for Chelsea may be Oscar and Hazard. They may hold the key in saving Chelsea from humiliation in Romania.

Hazard was instrumental in stopping the advance of Sparta Praha in the Round of 32 UEFA Europa League.

5 Bold Predictions

Chelsea FC is expected to lose the first leg due to the home advantage of Steaua Bucuresti. The Blues will lose since they are not well organized in the face of Steaua.

This will happen in spite of the good intentions from Oscar and Hazard,

Chelsea FC has the advantage that they may withstand the onslaught of Steaua. Steaua appears to be stronger against teams like Ajax but they met with resistance against Sparta Praha.

The 5 Bold Predictions are as follows

1.Fernando Torres will score an own goal at the last minute. The reason is his frustration with Chelsea. The result will be that Torres will be sold during the Summer.

2.Rusescu, Latoilevichi, and Chiriches will score two goals each giving Steaua a six point advantage.

3.Oscar and Eden Hazard will score three points each bringing the match to a 6-6 tie.

4.Rafa Benitez will be removed after the UEFA Europa League debacle.

5.Steaua Bucuresti may be emboldened by this victory and win at Stamford Bridge in the second leg
The result will be

FC Steaua Bucuresti 7-6 Chelsea FC

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