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Spring football preview, Georgia Bulldogs

Spring football preview, Georgia Bulldogs

Hyped by on March 1, 2013 Website: www.bloguin.com

It figures that a day after previewing Nebraska's spring football that today we take a look at the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia is coming off what should be considered a very successful season in 2012. Many teams would love to have a 12-win season with a division championship and a bowl victory against Nebraska. But not at Georgia, where the proverbial hot seat Mark Richt sits on in his office tends to be warmer than it should. Such is the life of a coach in the SEC, a conference with seven consecutive BCS titles to brag about. Yet there stands Georgia, who literally fell just yards shy of their first appearance on the BCS championship stage last season with a hard-fought loss to eventual champion Alabama.

With an offense that is stocked and ready to roll -- quarterback Aaron Murray is back and on track to rewrite some record books and freshman running back Todd Gurley was a standout freshman -- the question will be whether or not the Bulldogs have enough defensive bite in their bark to contend or will they be dragging their tail between their legs at the end of the year.

Plenty of talent, lofty expectations, and questions on defense. Yep, it's just another spring in Georgia.

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