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Kobe Bryant fan, not a Lakers fan

Kobe Bryant fan, not a Lakers fan

Hyped by on April 14, 2013 Website: thesportsblitz.com

As Kobe Bryant recovers from surgery, the Los Angeles Lakers are left holding on to playoff hopes, knowing they do not stand a chance without their star. As L.A. continues a playoff push, it is hard to find the motivation to care about the Kobe Bryant-less Lakers. It is as if the season, like Kobe’s, has already ended.

Like many Lakers fans, we have seen Kobe Bryant make that move thousands of times without anything going wrong. Instead, everything goes right as he drives and scores. A number of questions remain about how the injury occurred. Was he playing too many minutes? Is it his age? Did all those years of playing basketball finally catch up with Kobe Bryant? No matter, the devastating thought of Kobe Bryant no longer on the Lakers has changed my entire thinking.

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