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MLB Power Rankings: Week 3

MLB Power Rankings: Week 3

Hyped by on April 22, 2013 Website: gothamcitysportsnews.blogspot.com

By Nick Ziegler (@Ziggy26x)

MLB Power Rankings Week 3

1.) Atlanta Braves (13-5) - The Braves hot start to the season was cooled off a bit at the hands of the Pirates, by losing three out of four games, but they are still tied for the best record in baseball.

2.) Oakland Athletics (12-7) - The Athletics had a strong start to the week, sweeping the Astros, but the beginning to their East Coast road-trip did not start very well, as the Rays swept them, and only scored four runs in three games.

3.) Colorado Rockies (13-5) - The Rockies have established themselves as one of the best home teams in baseball with a (8-1) record, but the Diamondbacks snapped their eight game winning streak on Sunday.

4.) Boston Red Sox (12-6) - The Red Sox despite having what was a horrible week for the city of Boston won their first five games of the week before losing both games of the double-header to the Royals on Sunday.

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