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Penn State spring game offers good vibes for 2013

Penn State spring game offers good vibes for 2013

Hyped by on April 22, 2013 Website:

It was nice to get back to covering some football over the weekend. Waking up early on a Saturday tends to be something I despise, but knowing I am heading to a football stadium makes for a completely different take. On Saturday my travels led me to the familiar confines of Beaver Stadium for Penn State's annual Blue White Game. I entered the stadium not really knowing what to expect from the team but left feeling a little bit more comfortable with what this year's team may look like.

My basic premise is you can not take a spring game too seriously and it most certainly will not serve as a forecast for how the fall will play out, but it is fair to point out any positive and negative notes jotted down during the game. For the most part I found myself writing down some positive comments in my notebook, and it seems as though that was the case for many around me in the press box.

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