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DAVID BECKHAM BIDS ADIEU TO WORLD FOOTBALL [A Personal Reflection], Soccer | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Hyped by on May 16, 2013 Website: thepremierleagueinsider.com

The Daily Mail has reported that David Beckham officially announced his retirement from football. The news comes after Beckham received an offer to extend his contract with Paris Saint-Germain [PSG] for one more year.

In spite of the offer, Beckham felt that the time has come to end what was a glittering career. He ends his career with the high note of participating in PSG’s victory in La Ligue 1.

This is the first time in almost two decades that PSG won La Ligue 1. Beckham’s two decade career took him to Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan and PSG.

Beckham participated with the English National Team in International Friendlies as well as World Cup qualifying matches. He is remembered for his marriage to Spice Girl singer Victoria Beckham.

One of the most memorable moments for Beckham was at Manchester United. In 1999, he won the treble [Premier League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League] for Old Trafford.

This superseded Beckham’s and Manchester United winning the 1996 double the Premier League and the FA Cup. His record at Manchester United was 85 goals within 394 matches before signing with Real Madrid.

While in Real Madrid, Beckham managed to score 20 goals within 115 matches. Unfortunately, then manager Fabio Capello did not make life easy for the Englishman.

Capello once declared that Beckham would never play again in Real Madrid. Later in life, Capello and Beckham were together in the English National Team with the same difficulties.

Beckham will be remembered for breathing life into US Soccer after signing with the MLS Team LA Galaxy. While football detractors will say that people went to see the Galaxy because of Beckham, this was not true.

The MLS and US Soccer went from almost a low to high exposure in the national media because of Beckham. He contributed to the formation of soccer academies in America in order to consolidate the beautiful game.

When Beckham signed with PSG, he left the LA Galaxy and US Soccer in a healthy state and secure in its future. Beckham’s association with the PSG was met with skepticism but he continued with the team.

At a time when people do not know when to leave, Beckham does the right thing in retiring. At times, it is better to retire at a high note than to be fired and disgraced.

We will miss you David Beckham and best wishes.

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