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99 Stats Until Kickoff: (#4) 100 games as both an NFL player and a coach

99 Stats Until Kickoff: (#4) 100 games as both an NFL player and a coach

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4. 100 games as both an NFL coach and a player

Head coach Jim Harbaugh at the 2010 Stanford f...
Jim Harbaugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh played 177 regular season games in the NFL as a QB with four different teams (Chicago, Indianapolis, Baltimore and San Diego). In the 2012 season, Harbaugh was one of nine NFL coaches who had also been players in the league. The other eight (with their 2012 team in parenthesis): Jeff Fisher (St. Louis), Leslie Frazier (Minnesota), Jason Garrett (Dallas), Gary Kubiak (Houston), Mike Mularkey (Jacksonville), Mike Munchak (Tennessee), Ron Rivera (Carolina) and Ken Whisenhunt (Arizona). (Note: Mularkey and Whisenhunt were both fired at the end of the 2012 season.)

Of the eight new coaches hired at the end of the season, only one, Doug Marrone, hired by the Buffalo Bills, was a player in the NFL.

Getting back to Jim Harbaugh… should he continue to be successful in the coaching ranks, he could join a rare group of NFL players/coaches. As mentioned above, Harbaugh played in 177 regular season NFL games. With two seasons under his belt as the coach of the 49ers, Harbaugh has coached 32 regular season games. If he reaches 100 games as a coach, he would join only a handful of players/coaches who attained 100 NFL games as both player and coach.

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