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Carlos Tevez and Juventus: The Pros, Cons, and Possible Advice, Soccer | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Carlos Tevez and Juventus: The Pros, Cons, and Possible Advice

Carlos Tevez and Juventus: The Pros, Cons, and Possible Advice

Hyped by on June 7, 2013 Website: thepremierleagueinsider.com

The representatives of Carlos Tevez admitted recently to informal talks with the Serie A Champions Juventus. The purpose according to an article in Goal.com is for Tevez to sign with Juventus after four years with Manchester City.

The Express recently published an article with the same subject.
Everything looks great for the Argentine forward but a Tevez presence in Italy has its positive and negative factors.


The same article that appears in Goal.com reveals statistics from Tevez in Manchester City and other clubs. During his last four years with Manchester City, Tevez scored 73 goals within 138 appearances.

The forward is able to realize his potential in football at any given time. While Tevez may be able to perform, there is something that Juventus must take into account in any deal.


Tevez will be remembered for his rebellion against Roberto Mancini during the 2011/12 season. During a UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Bayern Munich, Tevez refused to play as a substitute.

The result was that the match ended in Bayern Munich’s favor. Mancini said that Tevez would never again play in his club.

Tevez later went AWOL in Argentina before eventually returning to England to finish the season. When Manchester City won the 2011/12 Premier League trophy, Tevez brandished an “RIP Fergie” banner during the victory celebrations.

Manchester City apologized to Manchester United except for Tevez. Tevez said that there was no reason for an apology although he later recanted that statement.

Tevez began 2013 with a driving ban after failing to answer the police about multiple speeding citations. He was later arrested for violating the driving ban and not having insurance.

The forward was punished by the courts to pay £1000 or $1552 in fines along with 250 hours of community service. Tevez received an additional six month driving ban.


Is Tevez worth the headache for Juventus or any other club such as Liverpool and PSG? The only thing to say is that Tevez is misbehaving since he does not like Manchester.

Maybe Tevez signing with Juventus would change his environment and outlook. I believe that Tevez will not change his outlook on life.

The only recommendation for Juventus before signing him is to look at Tevez in different angles and personality. After that, Juventus should then make the ultimate decision to incorporate him in their club.

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