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Bobby Petrino, WKU met at crossroads at perfect time, NCAA Football | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Bobby Petrino, WKU met at crossroads at perfect time

Bobby Petrino, WKU met at crossroads at perfect time

Hyped by on June 9, 2013 Website: www.bloguin.com

America loves a good come back story. We latch on to those stories all the time in sports, whether it be an icon's return from retirement like Michael Jordan or one in which a player looks to get a hold of his life the way Josh Hamilton did years ago. The college football world has seen its share of comebacks as well, and this season includes one more comeback to pay attention to in the Sun Belt Conference.

When we last saw Bobby Petrino on a sideline he was leading Arkansas to a 2012 Cotton Bowl victory over Texas A&M, with the Razorbacks being floated as a potential BCS Championship contender in 2012. Arkansas had just gone 11-2, with the only losses coming against BCS Championship Game participants, and division rivals, Alabama and LSU. The Crimson Tide and Tigers had each soundly defeated Petrino's Razorbacks, but Arkansas ended the year in the top five and had a schedule and roster that looked like a championship contender heading in to the 2012 season. This is where the old VH1 Behind the Music narrator would come in to say "But then something went terribly wrong."

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