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Book Review: 18 in America by Dylan Dethier

Book Review: 18 in America by Dylan Dethier

Hyped by on June 11, 2013 Website: sportschump.net

Before I proceed with my review of Dylan Dethier’s 18 in America, let me first say that two things will piss you off about this book.

First of all, Dethier is a better golfer than you or me. Second of all, he is a better writer than you or me. Considering I partake in both of these activities on a regular basis, please allow me take a quick breath before moving forward.

Okay, I feel better now.

Dylan Dethier, the book’s teenage author (and no, the book was not co-written), started taking his golf game seriously once “a twenty-one-year-old named Eldrick Woods was fist-pumping his way around Augusta National. All of a sudden, golf looked as if it might be sort of cool.”

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