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99 Stats Until Kickoff: Success in ‘0 turnover’ games

99 Stats Until Kickoff: Success in ‘0 turnover’ games

Hyped by on June 12, 2013 Website: www.statsontapp.com

From May 30 and every day until September 5… the start of the 2013 NFL season… Sports Stats ‘on Tapp’ will publish “99 Stats Until Kickoff” a daily dose of NFL stats that will get you ready for the 2013 NFL season.)

How often have you heard an NFL head coach mention that his team needs to “limit the turnovers” and “protect the ball” to be successful in their upcoming game? Quite often, I bet.

In the 2012 season, there were 123 occasions when a team played a game without committing a turnover. In those games, teams were 98-24-1, an .801 winning percentage.

Eleven teams last season were undefeated in games when they committed no turnovers. Houston topped the list going 7-0 last season in games with no turnovers. Super Bowl champs Baltimore were close behind going 6-0 in no turnover games. Three teams, Indianapolis, Minnesota and Pittsburgh were 4-0 in those error-free games. (The 49ers were 6-0-1 in games where they committed no turnovers.)

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