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Fernando Torres: 3 Powerful Reasons To Say Good-Bye To Chelsea, Soccer | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Fernando Torres: 3 Powerful Reasons To Say Good-Bye To Chelsea

Fernando Torres: 3 Powerful Reasons To Say Good-Bye To Chelsea

Hyped by on June 14, 2013 Website: thepremierleagueinsider.com

Fernando Torres appears to be going to FC Barcelona or Atletico Madrid this summer as reported by Metro. According to the English tabloid, Torres is not part of the new Chelsea envisioned by its manager Jose Mourinho.

This report comes in light after the deal for a supposed Cavani-Torres exchange between Chelsea and Napoli fell. It appears that Torres exhausted the patience of everyone at Chelsea and must leave for the following powerful reasons.


Torres is the object of scorn and ridicule in and out of Stamford Bridge.
According to The Daily Mail, Torres was jeered by Chelsea fans during a match between the club and Swansea.

The jeers turned to cheers when Torres was replaced by Demba Ba on the pitch. The satires about Fernando Torres do not help him in Chelsea or elsewhere.

During the Spain vs. Haiti tournament at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, people made disparaging remarks about Torres. The remarks will not be printed in the article for the sake of decency.

How could someone remain in a club without dignity? The only reason may be that Roman Abramovich wants him at Stamford Bridge.

Could it be that Abramovich wants Torres in Chelsea as a joke? I wish there was an answer to this question. All of this converts into a possible loss of dignity for Torres which he does not deserve.

At times, it is better to leave [or make arrangements in that direction] with dignity.


Torres signed with Chelsea in the beginning of 2011 after his club Liverpool paid £50m or $78.4m. He arrived with great expectations related to the salary paid from Stamford Bridge.

The whole arrangement became a disaster with duds instead of goals from the Spanish striker. According to the Chelsea webpage, Torres scored 35 goals within 131 matches.

The 2010/11 season saw the striker score one goal within 18 matches. While he improved in the 2011/12 season, the result was 11 goals within 49 matches. The last season was 23 goals within 64 matches.

According to ESPN, the total [Chelsea and Spain] score for Fernandez within the 2011/12 season was 12 goals within 34 matches. The 2012/13 season was 27 within 56.

While Torres improved his scoring goals during his time with Chelsea, it is not enough. The fans want close to perfection or at least more goals since Torres was an expensive acquisition.

Unfortunately, Torres [for whatever reason] is unable to deliver goals like he did in the past.


The only thing that crosses my mind is that Torres should leave Chelsea for a change in scenery. Maybe the negative reactions received in England may have affected his ability to score goals.

If Torres signed for a club in his native Spain or Italy, it would help him clear his mind. The result would be more goals scored and Torres would feel better.

While it remains to be seen whether Torres will leave Chelsea or not is a question mark. The sooner he signs with another club, the more chances he can save himself mentally and professionally.

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