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Gerard Deulofeu in Everton FC: The Pros and Cons?, Soccer | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Gerard Deulofeu in Everton FC: The Pros and Cons?

Gerard Deulofeu in Everton FC: The Pros and Cons?

Hyped by on July 11, 2013 Website: thepremierleagueinsider.com

Gerard Deulofeu’s recent loan signing with Everton appears to be the beginning of a positive relationship. Deulofeu commented about his role in Everton and FC Barcelona in an interview with the Everton FC website in a h/t to Goal.

Everton Manager Roberto Martinez praised the potential of Deulofeu in football by saying he is a “diamond”. The diamond comment refers to Deulofeu’s ability in the field.

Even without the praise from Martinez and the interview with Deulofeu, there are indicators for a great combination. According to the FC Barcelona website, Deulofeu scored 18 goals within 38 matches for Barca B and the senior team.

He participated in various matches with the Spanish National team in the U-20 World Cup. The result was Deulofeu’s ability to maneuver around the field in order to score.

It is manifested in his pace of play and ability to dribble the ball on the field. Deulofeu even managed a long range kick that resulted in a goal during a match between Barca and Almeria.

The only problems would be an apparent lack of consistency and maturity according to Goal.

The lack of consistency could be detected in the plays where he can score goals and then experience none. The Spanish player apparently suffers from the success going to his head [Hollywood Syndrome] typical of certain personalities of his generation.

At one time, Deulofeu was admonished by FC Barcelona Juvenil A manager for the apparent Hollywood Syndrome. Deulofeu apparently invited rival players to his locker room so that he could sign autographs.

While this apparent Hollywood syndrome may be secondary to the publicity that Deulofeu receives, it appears that everything is going too fast for him. It may not help Deulofeu going from the second tier of Barca B directly to a Premier League team.

Martinez has to find a way to help Deulofeu remove the lack of consistency inherent in the latter. He also has a bigger task in trying to get Deulofeu back on track and away from the success.

If Martinez is able to resolve these two problems for Deulofeu, we may be seeing a potential successor to Lionel Messi. If not, we can enjoy the power of a Messi and Ronaldo with the narcissistic personality of the latter.

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