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England: What Can Be Done To Resolve Its Current Football Crisis

England: What Can Be Done To Resolve Its Current Football Crisis

Hyped by on July 15, 2013 Website: thepremierleagueinsider.com

England recently has been rocked by a series of internal problems in football. The U-21 team recently lost all of their European Championship matches in Israel.

The U-20 suffered the same fate in Turkey by being losing to Egypt without scoring in their World Cup. The Men’s National team descended six points to 15th place in the July 2013 FIFA Coca Cola Ranking.

The matches against Brazil [a friendly], Montenegro, and the Republic of Ireland [World Cup Qualifiers-WCQ]] resulted in a draw. England is set to face Ukraine and Moldova and another WCQ match during August and September.

England will face Poland and Montenegro after September for the WCQ. There are apparent growing concerns for these WCQ matches in England.

Michael Owen [England, Manchester United, and Liverpool] and Rio Ferdinand [England and Manchester United] are concerned about England’s football stance. While many recognize the problems in English football, the Premier League [EPL] is the apparent scapegoat.

The EPL recently received criticism from Roy Hodgson and the Football Association [FA]. Graham Taylor [a former England manager] added his voice of blame to the EPL for England’s problems.

Taylor expressed that the English National team is affected by EPL fixtures being close to the WCQ. The EPL criticisms are present in spite of the separation of the entity from English international football.

The EPL criticism may be part of the frustration to the reality that England has not hosted a World Cup since 1966. The frustration grows since England has not advanced beyond the Quarter-Finals of any major tournament for almost two decades.

The final insult is the bitter reality of Russia instead of England being awarded the 2018 World Cup. It is a major problem that requires an immediate and/or long term solution.

The first one is identification of the problem in English football without finding a scapegoat. The EPL should not receive blame if they are separate from the FA even their fixtures are almost coincidental.
The next solution is for England to take responsibility and start training players for a future generation. England and Liverpool FC

Captain Steven Gerrard said [in an interview published in FA.com] that the young players should start assuming responsibility as adult players.

According to Gerrard, this is happening under the leadership of Brendan Rodgers. Gerard praised Rodgers for inviting the younger players to train with the English team.

The next resolution [at least for the WCQ] is to continue winning matches with consistency and discipline. A strong defense and midfield force will help England go a long way.

It will help to not dwell on the past but to embrace the future with positive and realistic thinking. England has the potential to embrace the future and will survive the WCQ.

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