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Wayne Rooney vs. Manchester United: The Possible Scenarios and Predictions with An Advice, Soccer | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Wayne Rooney vs. Manchester United: The Possible Scenarios and Predictions with An Advice

Wayne Rooney vs. Manchester United: The Possible Scenarios and Predictions with An Advice

Hyped by on July 17, 2013 Website: thepremierleagueinsider.com

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The battle between Wayne Rooney and Manchester United is far from over since the latter is willing to play tough in future negotiations. Edward Woodward the new Manchester United Chief announced that Rooney will not leave Old Trafford.

Woodward expressed in an interview published in The Daily Mail that he wants to see Rooney play. He went on to say that [if necessary] United may allow Rooney to play until his contract expires.

The situation appears to anger Rooney especially when he apparently has to be second to Robin Van Persie. It is an anger that was apparent after being benched during a second league of an UEFA Champions League match against Real Madrid.

While Chelsea and Arsenal’s offer for Rooney have been rejected, they are not the only clubs showing interest. The Daily Mail reports that Real Madrid and FC Barcelona expressed an interest in Rooney.

There are at least two possible scenarios and predictions which can occur. They are followed by a suggestion for the parties involved.


Manchester United supposedly expressed an interest in Cesc Fabregas as FC Barcelona undergoes change. The two clubs can sit down and negotiate an exchange with Fabregas going to England and Rooney to Spain.

This is not going to happen since apparently Fabregas expressed a desire to remain in Barcelona. Rooney may not be the fit that Barca needs as it renovates itself with Lionel Messi and Neymar.

Tevez Effect

Rooney may not be one to have patience which creates this scenario. He can spend his last year under contract at Old Trafford and attempt a Tevez like strike.

The result could be a scandal and this might force United to release Rooney. Carlos Tevez used that maneuver against Manchester City and he was forced to return and comply.

Woodward along with new manager David Moyes are not accommodating as Roberto Mancini [former Manchester City coach] was with Tevez. They are apparently not afraid to apply sanctions against Rooney or even derail future talks with other clubs.

Rooney could end damaging his professional career in the future.


If Rooney wants to leave Manchester United, he should cut out the drama and act. He should request his transfer in paper and sign with any club he pleases.

Old Trafford should be accommodating and allow Rooney to leave if the latter desires. It could avoid an unnecessary scandal for the club and will probably make Rooney happy.

Who knows if Rooney may end up getting his act together and play effectively if he is no longer at United?

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  • Rooney is a great soccer player that is why a lot of well known teams not only in England but also in Spain show interest in him to be part of their teams. Let's just wait until Rooney makes his decision on whose offer he would accept.