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It's time for the Phillies to sell, but it's not time for clearance prices, MLB | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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It’s time for the Phillies to sell, but it’s not time for clearance prices

It’s time for the Phillies to sell, but it’s not time for clearance prices

Hyped by on July 25, 2013 Website: www.macho-row.com

As we wake up this unusually, yet somewhat relieving, chilly day in the Philadelphia region we see our beloved Phillies on a four-game losing streak after getting pounded by the St. Louis Cardinals. The Phillies are now eight games out of the top spot in the NL East, led by an Atlanta Braves team that appears to be falling apart at times and trying to hand off the division lead to the next closest competitor, but nobody is willing to take it off their hands. I am not naive enough to tell you it is impossible for a team to come back and take control of this division (the worst overall division in baseball?) by the end of September. I am just suggesting it will be impossible for THIS Phillies team to do that.

For a month now I have heard fans saying the Phillies still have a chance because nobody is running away with this division the way the Washington Nationals did last year. Heck, I have been one of those fans. Yet, here we are with the Phillies actually losing ground in the division race over the last month at a time when the Braves are cracking. With the trade deadline now just days away I find myself saying once again it is time for the Phillies to sell.

The Phillies should be in the position to sell, but it is not time to put out the clearance sign and advertise that everything must go. Not yet at least.

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