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Iman Shumpert’s New Music Endeavors

Iman Shumpert’s New Music Endeavors

Hyped by on August 14, 2013 Website: gothamcitysportsnews.blogspot.com

By Kenneth Teape (@teapester725)

Monday night the music world was abuzz with the verse that Kendrick Lamar dropped on Big Sean’s single “Control (HOF)” in which he called out virtually the whole rap game and claimed to be “King of New York” (even though he hails from California). While that received a ton of buzz and still is today, another person closer to home dropped a new verse as well.

New York Knicks guard/forward Iman Shumpert released “Versace (Freestyle),” Tuesday and it happens to actually be pretty good. This is not the first track that Shumpert has released.
During the lockout he recorded quite a bit of music and also during his rehab when he could not get on the court. He has an good hearted song he dubbed “Knicks Anthem” that is a play off of Big Sean’s “Clique.” He made another song that plenty of people enjoyed as a good track as well entitled “Anarchy,” featuring Phlyy B.

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