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MLB Odds: Who will win the World Series with Yankees about out

Hyped by on September 23, 2013

Well, it doesn’t look like the New York Yankees are going to make it to the playoffs. With no Derek Jeter for the Yankees, and no CC Sabathia, things are looking bleak for the pinstripes.

Sabathia has been sidelined with a hamstring strain, which might be a good thing considering his arm issues all year. And Jeter has been beat up and missed most all of this season because of ankle and leg injuries.

So, with no Yankees (their wild-card hopes have been all but crushed by the Rays) , where does that leave the MLB Odds heading into the playoffs?

Well, many odds makers are still sticking to major markets, even though New York likely won’t be one of them.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the favorites, being the talk in baseball over the second half of the year.

Behind the Blue Crew, the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers are the favorites in the American League standings.

Along with Boston and Detroit, Oakland has wrapped up a spot in the postseason at 94-64 to take the AL West title ahead of Texas (86-1). The Tampa Bay Rays are eyeing a wild card at 88-69, while Cleveland is a game up on Texas for the other wild-card spot.

In the National League, Atlanta (93-64), which actually has a better record than the Dodgers, has already clinched a spot out of the NL East. Three teams for the NL Central are heading to the postseason, including St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

The 2013 MLB playoffs are scheduled to kick off on Tuesday, Oct. 1 with the NL wild-card game, followed by the AL wild-card the following day.

Game 1 of the World Series isn’t scheduled until Oct. 23 at the home stadium of the eventual American League champions.

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