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How bad was the 2009 NFL Draft for quarterbacks?, NFL | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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How bad was the 2009 NFL Draft for quarterbacks?

How bad was the 2009 NFL Draft for quarterbacks?

Hyped by on September 25, 2013 Website: www.thepigskinreport.com

The last few NFL drafts have produced some very solid quarterbacks that were thrown into the fire from the first week of the season. While it will take a few more seasons to see if initial success is a long-term trend, the last two years have produced some very solid prospects at the position moving forward. Five years later, a reasonable time period to determine whether or not a quarterback is actually a franchise player, we can look back to the 2009 NFL Draft. This might go down in history as one of the weakest quarterback classes of all time.

Three big name quarterbacks emerged from that draft, becoming the starting quarterbacks for the respective teams that drafted them. Only one of the three quarterbacks selected in the first round remains a starter as of this afternoon. Here is a list of the quarterbacks selected in the 2009 NFL Draft, where they are now, listed alphabetically.

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