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Teape and Ziggy Pick'em Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Show, NFL | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Teape and Ziggy Pick’em Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Show

Teape and Ziggy Pick’em Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Show

Hyped by on September 25, 2013 Website: gothamcitysportsnews.blogspot.com

Everyone's favorite radio hosts Kenny (@teapester725) and Nick (@ziggy26x) were back last week to host the Bob Sullivan Show with their Teape and Ziggy Show segment. They returned for the second week of their NFL Pick'em game and will do so every week for the remainder of the season. At the end of the year they will tally up all of the scores and whoever wins will be on the receiving end of a friendly wager. Just a reminder for how the point totals go, each participant will receive one point for a correct pick in the first five games, .5 point for a push, two points for an upset special cover and three points for an upset special win. Follow the link to listen to their picks from Week 3 in the NFL season and second week of their game.


Here are the game results from the first week of the game:

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