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Sasquatch Surfs in California Surf Contest

Sasquatch Surfs in California Surf Contest

Hyped by on October 1, 2013 Website: www.sasquatchsurfshop.com

Central Coast surfing fans were treated to quite a show on Sunday during the Still Frothy Surf Festival as pros such as Tom Curren came out to Pismo Beach, Calif., and made the most of the sloppy 3- to 4-foot surf.

But what local surf fans weren’t expecting on Sunday was a sasquatch sighting.

That’s right, a bigfoot surfer crashed the festival, surfing the opposite side of the pier from the contest but still catching a odd looks from beachgoers along with a few decent waves.

Here is the video proof of the sasquatch sighting, courtesy the Sasquatch Surf website (which has even more video pranks by "Satch," the surfing and skating sasquatch):

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