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Nike Unveils New NFL Pro Bowl Uniforms For AFC, NFC Teams

Nike Unveils New NFL Pro Bowl Uniforms For AFC, NFC Teams

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As of now, Nike has not altered the NFL jerseys much since they agreed to become the official on-brand apparel brand for the most successful professional sports league. Sure, they changed the look of the Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars and Minnesota Vikings, but they were not all that bold and came at the behest of the teams. When you compare the NFL Nike jerseys to those worn in the NCAA, the new looks of the aforementioned teams can only be described as mild. After seeing the alterations to teams such as the Oregon Ducks and countless others, all of a sudden, the changes to the Seahawks and Dolphins really don’t appear to be that bad. Nike has done a fine job keeping the traditional looks of traditional teams in tact.

That is, until they unveiled the new uniforms for the NFL Pro Bowl game that will be played one week before the Super Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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