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The Big 12 failed to protect players in not suspending Mike Davis of Texas

The Big 12 failed to protect players in not suspending Mike Davis of Texas

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Because we currently live in a football world where player safety has never been in more focus under as clear a magnifying glass with as bright a spotlight as ever, it is astounding the Big 12 issued no more than a public scolding to Texas wide receiver Mike Davis for one of the most blatant dirty hits we have laid eyes upon this football season. By failing to take a harsh stance against the Longhorns receiver, the Big 12 is spitting in the face of the safety of the players within the Big 12 and beyond.

The hit in question occurred last Thursday night in the Texas road victory at Iowa State. Davis took aim at the knee or leg of Iowa State defender Deon Broomfield, when it looks visibly clear Broomfield had let up at the end of the play, making him unsuspecting of any contact, let alone a potentially harmful and dirty hit to the leg. Davis was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct on the play but avoided an ejection from the game. After the game Davis defended his tactic on Twitter, apologizing for being taught to play to the whistle. Davis followed that up by stating he does not have a history of being a dirty player (legit) and that he was trying to fulfill his duties on the specific play call. All that may be true, but the visual evidence is difficult to argue. It appears as though Davis locked his eyes on Broomfield and dove at his leg when it was pretty evident the Iowa State defender was not a threat to any Texas player.

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