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Is Aaron Rodgers the NFL’s best QB ‘quarter by quarter’?

Is Aaron Rodgers the NFL’s best QB ‘quarter by quarter’?

Hyped by on October 26, 2013 Website: www.statsontapp.com

If you want to get into a heated debate, start a discussion about who is the best quarterback in the NFL today. Is it Peyton Manning? Aaron Rodgers? Tom Brady? Drew Brees? How about Russell Wilson, RG III or Andrew Luck?

Everyone has their own criteria for determining the best. Let me offer some thoughts for discussion.

First, let’s use the Passer Rating as the numerical yardstick. Secondly, let’s look at how well QBs perform in each quarter. Are some QBs better in the first quarter and less effective in the fourth quarter.

Following is a breakdown of the QBs with the best Passer Ratings since 2010 in the first, second, third and fourth quarters (minimum of 100 passes attempted in each quarter to qualify for the list).

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