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Cowboys epic collapse ignited by holding penalty, defense

Cowboys epic collapse ignited by holding penalty, defense

Hyped by on October 27, 2013 Website:

Watching the Dallas Cowboys is like playing Jenga, the games not over until there is a collapse.

With 1:33 remaining it had seemed the Dallas Cowboys had somehow managed to leave Ford Field with a win as the Matthew Stafford pass fell incomplete.

Silly of us to think that way, after all, it's the Cowboys we are talking about here.

Three straight runs managed to take only 17 seconds off the clock and a devastating holding penalty by Tyron Smith stopped the play clock leaving 1:07 for a Dan Bailey field goal.

Somehow, someway, I'm sure it's Tony Romo's fault, but the epic collapse by the Cowboys was embarrassing.

The Cowboys managed 266 yards while Calvin Johnson himself came only a few yards short of setting the receiving record with 329 yards.

Dez Bryant made headlines last week running his mouth stating he can do anything Calvin Johnson can do, well so much for that.

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