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Welcome to November, college football's best month, NCAA Football | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Welcome to November, college football’s best month

Welcome to November, college football’s best month

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Welcome to November, college football's best month.

Now that baseball has wrapped up their October postseason, it is time for college football to once again take center stage in the month of November. Sure, if you are reading this you are probably thinking "When did college football step out of the spotlight," but the truth is November is when college football may be at it's best.

September can be great as a new season gets underway but too many games with mammoth mismatches can make for some lackluster afternoons from conference to conference. For every Clemson-Georgia we get there are three or four Ohio State-Florida A&M games. October sees conference battles start to hit their stride but it is in November when those races come down the final stretch. November is when Heisman candidates have their Heisman moments. November is when championship dreams continue or are crushed. November packs more rivalry games than any other month in the season. November is when teams scratch and claw for bowl eligibility or begin turning the page to next season. A lot happens in the month of November, making it college football's best month.

Here's what to pay attention to this month...

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