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NFL TV ratings are soaring after 9 weeks, NFL | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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NFL TV ratings are soaring after 9 weeks

NFL TV ratings are soaring after 9 weeks

Hyped by on November 9, 2013 Website: www.thepigskinreport.com

The NFL is clearly America’s favorite sport, the numbers don’t lie. Despite some controversies surrounding the sport such as the Aaron Hernandez saga, the MRSA issue, the concussion lawsuit and the current Miami Dolphins locker room Incognito scandal, the sport continues to be the most watched programing on television. Not just the most watched sport, the most watched period. The league truly is golden.

According to a press release from NFL Communications, 19 of the 20 most watched television shows in the last nine weeks have all been broadcasts of NFL games. Coming in at number one most watched overall was the FOX Sunday National game between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers, with a whopping 28.5 million viewers. The only non-NFL television show which cracked the top-20 most watched in the last nine weeks was the season premiere of the Big Bang Theory on CBS which aired on September 30 with 20.4 million tuning in.

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