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Kick, Bama, Kick gets Tecmo Bowl treatment, NCAA Football | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Kick, Bama, Kick gets Tecmo Bowl treatment

Kick, Bama, Kick gets Tecmo Bowl treatment

Hyped by on December 2, 2013 Website: www.bloguin.com

One of the best football players in video game history is none other than Bo Jackson from Tecmo Bowl. Jackson, of course, is an Auburn legend. So it may only be appropriate that one of the craziest endings in Iron Bowl, and college football, history receive a Tecmo Bowl version.

The dedicated Tecmo Bowl fans over at TecmoBowl.org are known for recreating significant football plays using the classic football video game. This particular version is not bad, although it would have been nice to hear that familiar Tecmo Bowl soundtrack playing underneath the radio call by Auburn's broadcasting duo of Rod Bramblett and Stan White.

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