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Seattle Seahawks on verge of joining NFL elite teams

Seattle Seahawks on verge of joining NFL elite teams

Hyped by on December 6, 2013 Website:

Imagine an NFL team with an effective offense and an unbreakable defense. Seems like the recipe for a championship team, right?

Let’s put some numbers to the above concept.

On offense, let’s look at teams that average 5.6 or more yards per play. On defense, let’s look at teams that allow less than 4.6 yards per play by their opponents. How many teams fit into those parameters… both on offense and defense?

For the 2013 NFL season, only one team fits the bill… the Seattle Seahawks. Pete Carroll’s offense (through Week #13) are averaging 5.89 yards per play on offense. On defense, the ball-hawking Seattle “D” is allowing only 4.53 yards per play. The Seahawks rank eighth on offense with their 5.89/yards per play, while the defense is second in the league by allowing only 4.53/yards per play. Seattle is the only team in the league to rank in the top 10 in both of these categories.

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