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Is Penn State a destination job or a pit stop for coaches?

Is Penn State a destination job or a pit stop for coaches?

Hyped by on January 4, 2014 Website:

In 2014 Penn State will have their fourth head coach in three years. With Bill O'Brien already cleaning house with the Houston Texans after two years in State College, the Nittany Lions are once again conducting a coaching search for the right guy to lead the program in 2014 and beyond.

I was asked this past week if Penn State was going to turn in to a program that has to hire a new coach every couple of years. This is what happens when one coach is in charge of the program for decades. Fans grow used to having long-term stability because they simply do not know any better. Of course, there are other reasons why the coaching turnover has happened at Penn State.

Today's coaching world is different than it used to be of course. With success in the college game and with NFL franchises looking more and more to the college ranks for their new coaches, it makes sense that a truly successful coach at Penn State or any other program would draw interest, perhaps even annually. That said, O'Brien will be the exception to the rule at Penn State as opposed to the new norm.

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