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15 regular season stats that define the Super Bowl champion

15 regular season stats that define the Super Bowl champion

Hyped by on January 22, 2014 Website: www.statsontapp.com

Looking for a sure thing when it comes to picking the winner of the Super Bowl? I wish I had some magical formula I could give you (or use myself), but there just doesn’t seem to be such a thing out there.

I can, however, give you a look at some stats that may help you when it comes time to choose the team that will win the Super Bowl.

I’ve looked at 15 regular season stats from the past 47 Super Bowl champions. In some cases, there is a strong case for a particular team winning based on how they performed in the regular season. In other cases, the regular season stats don’t reveal much.

Following are 15 regular season stats that may help determine who will win the next Super Bowl.

1. Wins. Thirty-nine of the 47 Super Bowl champs won 11 or more games in the regular season. (This stat will increase to 40 of 48 as both of this year’s Super Bowl teams won 13 regular season games in 2013.) Only three times in Super Bowl history did a team with less than 10 regular season victories win the Super Bowl: The first two were in 1967, when the Packers were 9-4-1, and 1982 when the 8-1 Washington Redskins won the title in that strike-shortened season. In case you don’t remember, the 2011 champion New York Giants became the third team in this stat when they defeated the New England Patriots. The Giants only had nine regular-season wins in 2011; they became the first team with less than 10 wins from a 16-game NFL season to ever win a Super Bowl.

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