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Has Tim Tebow finally found his calling?, NFL | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Has Tim Tebow finally found his calling?

Has Tim Tebow finally found his calling?

Hyped by on January 31, 2014 Website: sportschump.net

Hey, if ESPN can still rant and rave incessantly about the NFL worth, or lack thereof, of Timothy Richard Tebow, why can’t a fellow Florida graduate jump on the Te-bandwagon?

As we all know, Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy winner and poster boy for all things right and just in the universe, went from being a first round draft pick to a playoff game winner to becoming virtually unemployable. Yet, like a cat thrown high into the air, we always knew he’d land on his feet. We just never knew it what capacity. Canadian Football League? Arena Football League? Vatican Football League?

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