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Was Team Japan’s women’s hockey robbed of victory?

Was Team Japan’s women’s hockey robbed of victory?

Hyped by on February 11, 2014 Website: www.rantsports.com

Women’s Ice hockey Group B competition got underway on Tuesday and led to Team Russia defeating Team Japan in a 2-1 decision. The victory for Russia granted them a berth in the quarter-finals round, but not without some controversy.
In America, NHL fans are pretty blunt about their dislike of referees. I can vouch for the amount of Philadelphia Flyers‘ game I have been to where fans were yelling, “Refs, you suck!” as opposed to cheering on the players on the ice. We are an opinionated bunch, but there is no argument that there was a very egregious call on the ice Tuesday morning in Sochi that should have not gone missed.

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