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Syndergaard Heat Fuels Hopes of Warmer Met Future

Syndergaard Heat Fuels Hopes of Warmer Met Future

Hyped by on March 4, 2014 Website:

Monday was one of the coldest March days in memory in the New York area.

In the afternoon, though, it was possible to huddle close to the radio for the Mets-Braves spring training broadcast on WOR 710 and be warmed by the dispatches coming from announcers Josh Lewin and Steve Phillips about the heat coming from Noah Syndergaard’s fastball.

The big righthander is the next premium pitching prospect in line in a Mets organization that promoted Matt Harvey in July 2012 and Zack Wheeler in June 2013. While Harvey spends 2014 rehabbing from Tommy John surgery and Wheeler tries to advance to the level of near-ace in New York this season, Syndergaard offers hope for dreamers that he may have a higher ceiling than either Harvey or Wheeler.

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