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NFL non-Sunday games in 2014 season

NFL non-Sunday games in 2014 season

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The loud cheer you heard last week when the NFL schedule was announced came from the offices of the Chicago Bears. The 2014 NFL schedule includes 37 games that will be played on either Thursday, Saturday or Monday instead of the regular Sunday allotment of games. The Bears, along with the Eagles and Redskins will play in four of those games each. The reason the Bears are excited to play a quarter of their games on non-Sundays this upcoming season is that they have actually played better on those non-Sundays over the past 10 seasons.

The Bears are 75-64 (a .540 winning percentage) on Sundays since 2004. In those non-Sunday contests over the past decade they are 14-7 (a winning percentage of .667). That’s a difference of .127 percentage points. The San Francisco 49ers were pretty happy about getting three non-Sunday games on their schedule; they have a +.279 better winning percentage on non-Sunday games than Sunday games over the past 10 seasons.

Here’s a look at how well each of the 32 NFL teams have played in games on non-Sundays since 2004 and how it compares to their performance in Sunday contests in the past 10 seasons. The analysis is broken down by most non-Sunday games scheduled for the 2014 regular season

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