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Remembering 1994: No. 9 Penn State, Minnesota 3, NCAA Football | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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Remembering 1994: No. 9 Penn State, Minnesota 3

Remembering 1994: No. 9 Penn State, Minnesota 3

Hyped by on September 3, 2014 Website: nittanylionsden.com

Penn State was not satisfied with their first season in the Big Ten. Sure, a winning record and a victory over Tennessee in the Citrus Bowl would ordinarily be the marks of a successful season for just about any school, but the big bad eastern independent turned Big Ten member was served a dose of reality in 1993 with losses to Michigan and Ohio State. The players went into the bowl game looking to end on a high note, and they did just that against Heath Shuler and the Vols. The tone was set for an offseason of preparation and focus on proving Penn State not only belonged in the Big Ten, but they could win it. The 1994 season would be much different than the first season as a Big Ten member. This Penn State with a chip on its shoulder would prove to be difficult for anyone to slow down.

While most Penn State teams throughout school history had been built around the foundation of a solid defense, the 1994 squad was loaded on the offensive side enough to overcome any weaknesses on defense. The Big Ten and college football world would see that put on display in the first game of the season, on the road against Minnesota in the Metrodome.

Or not.

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