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Winning an NFL game with 14 or fewer points

Winning an NFL game with 14 or fewer points

Hyped by on November 18, 2014 Website: www.statsontapp.com

In today’s high-scoring, pass-on-every-down version of the NFL, it’s rare to have a game where teams score less than 15 points. Sure, there might be a game where one team scores less than 15, but to have both teams fail to reach 15 points in a game is rare.

This past weekend two such games were played. Arizona defeated the Lions 14-6 in one contest, while the San Diego Chargers only needed 13 points to beat the Raiders, 13-6. It was the first week since Week #2 last year where two games were won by teams that scored less than 15 points. This season there has been four games where both teams scored under 15 points.

For the Cardinals, they won a low-scoring contest last year when they beat Tampa Bay 13-10. San Diego, however, hadn’t won a game with fewer than 15 points in a game since 2007 when they won 14-3 over the Bears.

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