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How to win the Super Bowl… by the numbers

How to win the Super Bowl… by the numbers

Hyped by on January 24, 2015 Website: www.statsontapp.com

What will it take for the Patriots or Seahawks to win this year’s Super Bowl? Win the turnover game? Running the ball? Red-zone offense?

Following is a look back at the previous 48 Super Bowls and which stats were a good indicator for victory. Here are 31 stats and how often a Super Bowl team won (and lost) the big game when they reached these noted statistical markers.

Note: The interesting thing about last year’s Super Bowl was that the Seahawks accomplished five of the top six stats listed below in their Super Bowl 48 win over Denver: had a at least a 10-point lead at halftime; returned an interception for TD; went into the fourth quarter with a lead of at least seven points; had a two or more takeaway margin over the Broncos; and had no turnovers in the contest.

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