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10 Players Whose DFS Stock Could Change At The 2015 MLB Trade Deadline, MLB | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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10 Players Whose DFS Stock Could Change At The 2015 MLB Trade Deadline

10 Players Whose DFS Stock Could Change At The 2015 MLB Trade Deadline

Hyped by on July 14, 2015 Website: fantasyhub.com

As Major League Baseball prepares for its annual All-Star Game tonight in Cincinnati, all is quiet as it relates to the MLB trade rumors. Many players are expected to either be moved or at least discussed as we enter the 2015 MLB Trade Deadline, though it is never a certainty as to how many will actually change teams. Most of the big names being bandied about the trade rumors will likely go from a struggling team to a contender. Some will get dealt strictly for financial reasons, meaning they may not see an uptick in their numbers over the final couple of months. Either way, it is always fun to consider the possibilities.

For fans of traditional season-long fantasy baseball, this is nothing new. Owners must pay attention to trade rumors, as it often means one of their players could find themselves in an entirely different situation. Sometimes, it is not for the better. Also, free agents could become much more valuable, depending on whose job they take or if they are going to receive a more prominent role.

But, what about as it relates to daily fantasy baseball? Fans of MLB DFS leagues don't have to worry themselves over potential trades, right?


Sure, playing in DFS leagues is all about changing players and lineups on a daily basis. But, if you are fooling yourself into thinking you can just pick a team and not look at recent history, you are likely not winning. You have to do your homework. You have to look at the trends. You have to know what you're doing by following the players.

Trades matter in every aspect of baseball. They matter for the 30 big league teams playing on the field. They matter for those who play in the traditional year-long leagues. They matter for fans who participate in playing in MLB DFS leagues. That is why I have come up with 10 players who stock could change if they are dealt at the 2015 MLB Trade Deadline.

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