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Hyped by on May 30, 2017

All eyes are on the NBA Finals, and it is easy to see why the league is attracting equal parts fascination and disdain. The 2016 NBA Finales went down in history for the epic clash between the Golden State Warriors and the Cavaliers. The fact that this same showdown will be repeated in 2017 is, no doubt, a cause for excitement for many basketball fans, especially those keeping an eye on NBA betting lines in major sportsbooks.

However, there are those fans who hoped that there would be a bit of a shakeup this time around. Alas, that won’t be the case. 2016 was an amazing year for the Warriors who unseated the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls by securing an amazing 73 wins to 9 losses.

Even those who hated the Warriors couldn’t help but cheer them on for the dexterity and cohesion they displayed in the regular and postseason. Not that the Cavaliers were pushovers. But even those dedicated fans that had promised to follow LeBron James wherever he went soon got swept up in the Stephen Curry bandwagon.

And the 2016 NBA finals were definitely something to behold. After a stellar season, the Warriors seemed set to take the win and quickly proved as much by taking a 3-1 lead against the Cavaliers. Warriors’ fans were gearing up to celebrate a 4-1 victory for Golden State.

Then Game Four came and the Cavaliers managed to overcome their 3-1 deficit to take a 4-3 victory. No team in the history of the NBA finals had ever come back from a 3-1 deficit.

Suddenly Curry and his ilk became the laughing stock of the sports arena. The Warriors could have taken that devastating defeat and disappeared into the annals of history, unable to overcome their humiliation.

Yet, 2017 has proven that the warriors are anything but history. They have already turned heads by becoming the first team in the league to go undefeated in their playoff games.

And it looks like they are more than ready to make up for their 2016 humiliation. Of course, the Cavaliers are more than ready to put up a fight. It could be argued that Kyrie Irving singlehandedly brought the Cavaliers back from certain defeat during the 2016 NBA finals.

And after garnering a career playoff high of 42 points in the Cavaliers’ most recent game, it is still doubtful that the Warriors have anything capable of stopping Irving this time around.

But that is obviously a good thing. There would be little point is seeing a repetition of last year’s Cavaliers/Warriors showdown if one of the teams was somehow handicapped.

Both teams are in their best possible shape which means that, as things stand, there is no telling where the pendulum will swing. The Warriors are definitely in the tougher spot.

They are the ones still nursing the wounds of defeat following the 2016 NBA Finals. Even with their stellar performance this season, the Warriors have so much more to prove than the Cavaliers. While it is true that the 2017 NBA Finals perfectly mirror the 2016 NBA finals, the strength of the Warriors and the Cavaliers is such that there is still good reason to look forward to the upcoming games.