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Death Of The Dunk Contest

www.kisstherim.com - Has the Dunk contest seemingly lost its' life? After last years sup-par performance we take a look at the possibilities of this year's field bringing the life back into the always anticipated event on All-Star Weekend.

Young Shooters: Jodie Meeks

www.kisstherim.com - Jodie Meeks has proven he can straight up shoot the ball. He's a young talent that has the uncanny ability to run off screens and knock it down from deep.

Spurs Play Strong And History Is Evident

www.kisstherim.com - The Spurs have jumped out to a league leading 33-6 record and seem to have the right formula in place to chase a title this season. Here's a look at how the Spurs just put it all together on the ...

Possibility: T-Mac Replaces Ben Gordon

www.kisstherim.com - In a recent report there is speculation of Tracy McGrady taking the spot of Ben Gordon over in Detroit. Here are some thoughts on that decision.

Cleveland Rocks?

www.kisstherim.com - In a recent blow out loss to the Lakers in which the Cavs only scored 57 points, the only question to ask is, "what in god's name?" The Cavs now hold the leagues worst record at 8-30 and don't look ...

Melo Mumbo Jumbo: Trade Talks Heat Up

www.kisstherim.com - With everyone glued to the recent trade talks of Melo to the Nets, what are others thought on the issue? Could he be close or not so close to a deal that would send him to Brooklyn in 2012?

Sunday Soup Video

www.kisstherim.com - Here's a little v-log entry on tonight's Sunday Soup with Kiss The Rim's own Brian Gray. Here he breaks down tonight's three chosen games to look at.

Sunday Soup: My Three Match Ups

www.kisstherim.com - Here's a look at tonight's NBA action for Sunday. There are three games I'm taking a look at to really spice up Sunday evening. Here's a look!

Sixers Are Stuck

www.kisstherim.com - The Sixers are on a recent high of winning some ball games and getting back into being competitive on the floor. But, the front office may be overlooking the recent success and possibly be jeopardizing the team's future.

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