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BallHyped.com wants you to Get Hyped!

BallHyped.com is a community for sports fans by sports fans, highlighting the best sports news, commentary and blogs from around the sports world and blogosphere.

Post your blogs and favorite sports stories on BallHyped ... and GET HYPED!

BallHyped.com is here for fans to share their favorite stories with other friends and fans.

We're here for sports bloggers to promote your best posts (if you write a sports story or blog you feel will appeal to the masses, please post it here, and we'll vote it up and give you links and exposure for free! Who does that in this day in age?).

BallHyped.com not only aggregates the top sports stories but also includes:

  • A snapshot of the site you're sharing.
  • Allows you to comment on that story.
  • Vote up your favorite stories.
  • Share those stories via your favorite social media sites.

But what makes this site different are the tools and resources that sports bloggers can't get anywhere else:

  • A forum where they can get writing tips, editing help or story ideas.
  • A sports style guide for bloggers.
  • An area where aspiring bloggers or guest posters can post their entries for blog site owners looking for contributions (blog owners get free content, blog writers get links back to their site along with exposure).

All of the above is what we feel helps BallHyped.com separate itself from the other sports news cobblers that are saturating the sports world and blogosphere.

So forget the rest and let BallHyped.com show you the best.

Thanks for getting hyped with BallHyped.com!

- The BallHyped Team