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BallHyped is a niche sports social voting community for sports fans and bloggers, by sports fans and bloggers – minus the heavy hand of corporations whose only concern is the bottom line.

BallHyped.com was started in early September and is wasting no time moving from a private to a public beta so sports fans, bloggers and writers can share the best content the sports world and blogosphere have to offer.

So why now?

Well, it’s no secret the recent closures of sites like Propeller and Daily Radar’s sites left thousands of bloggers and fans in the dark.

We were part of those communities and thought to ourselves, why not build a sports vote-up community of our own?

That’s what BallHyped.com is – a social vote-up community for sports fans and bloggers by sports fans and bloggers, highlighting the best sports news, commentary and blogs from around the sports world.

Why name it BallHyped.com?

Because the domain was available, and it had a nice ring to it?

Originally, we had hoped to start the community on GetHyped.com, but the domain was already taken. So we went with the next best available domain, BallHyped.com.

And we’d be lying if we didn’t admit BallHyped.com was named in honor of the other fallen sports community, in the past tense, but it also puts an emphasis on what the heart of this community is all about – GETTING HYPED!

BallHyped.com is about fans, and bloggers, getting hyped about their favorite teams. We know the lines are getting blurred between objective sports reporting and crazed fandom in the blogosphere, and we’re OK with that. In fact, that’s what the BallHyped.com community and its editors are here for, to remove the spam and worthless content that floods our other social voting communities, and hype up the quality content that deserves getting HYPED!

What makes BallHyped.com different?

As mentioned above, BallHyped.com has quality control and an editorial process, and all links/blogs/articles submitted are reviewed by an editor before being published. Spam is not tolerated, and neither is content that doesn’t add value to the BallHyped.com community.

Unlike other social voting sites, BallHyped.com is also a resource for the contributors in the community, offering bloggers tips, how-tos and other articles on writing, designing/developing a blog, marketing your content, SEO, as well as a blogging job postings, a Q&A advice forum, guest blog database and forum where blog owners can post blogs wanted requests.

The site also allows users to comment, share posts and interact with users via their associated social media sites, and shows live screenshots of the sites that originally produced the content.

BallHyped.com’s editors also go the extra yard and promote content submitted on a handful of social media sites and optimize posts for SEO. Posts submitted on BallHyped.com during the private beta period have averaged an 80% increase in traffic over non-hyped posts, and that number is expected to increase drastically as more and more users join the community.

The site has also made it easy for bloggers to get their content promoted on BallHyped.com with share-it badges they can easily embed into their blog sidebar or posts.