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What They're Saying About BallHyped.com | BallHyped Sports Blogs
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What They’re Saying About BallHyped.com

A look at what the media, web, blogosphere and, most importantly, the community are saying about BallHyped.com:

Some of BallHyped.com’s best takes, as reported by the biggest names in sports media ...

ESPN Radio:

BallHyped News' post on LeBron James was featured on "All Night With Jason Smith" on June 10, 2011, following the Miami Heat's Game 5 loss to the Dallas Mavericks.


“Ballhyped took out their calculators and figured out which sports franchises have the lowest winning percentage over the past 30 years. Amazingly enough, the Clippers couldn't even win this battle of the losers. That honor goes to the Memphis Grizzlies.”


BallHyped.com points out that the Eagles could have been penalized for having players leave the sideline and enter the field before [DeSean] Jackson scored on his game-winning punt return against the Giants.”


“It's still an understatement to say I'm ashamed of the city in which I live because of this.”


“The new wrinkle on Jackson's return was first noticed at BallHyped.com. Because he took a turn at the 6-yard line instead of running into the end zone, a number of his teammates and some coaches spilled out onto the field in anticipation of his touchdown, which didn't come until a few seconds later. A flag could have been thrown, bringing back the touchdown and sending the game to overtime.”


Credit Ball Hyped for first noticing, this has been a hot issue after Jets strength coach Sal Alosi tripped the Dolphins' Nolan Carroll in Week 14. All 32 teams were sent a memo detailing sideline guidelines.”


A list of the ten athletes you'd like to grab a beer with.

From around the web ...


BallHyped founder Brian Milne was asked to write a guest post about what to do when you feel you've outgrown your blog:

"So what’s a blogger to do when they hit “the wall?” The most important thing to remember is that every blogger hits it. The key is to break through that wall or scale over it ..."


"The site includes many helpful tools and resources that allow users to connect, discover and stay on top of recent games. ... BallHyped doesn’t just provide users with a list of articles. The site is truly an actual, active community of sports fans. It is essentially a social network for those who love almost any kind of popular sport."


If you have a strong bond with your community, explain the basics of SEO to them and ask them to help you out. ...
BallHyped, a new sports community, has done a great job of asking people to link to them by putting an emphasis on it being beneficial for the user and the community. As a result, they are having success getting users to support their site with their “Vote For Me” badges.


This is one for sports lovers, and a good one at that. Ball
Hyped will let them read both the latest news and the best commentaries that have surfaced recently, as posted by people who are really passionate about these sports.


I may have to add another sports site to my morning routine. BallHyped.com is a community for sports fans by sports fans, highlighting the best sports news, commentary and blogs from around the sports world. ... It should be a nice addition to any sports fans web surfing.


We hope all of you will go over and read it and support the new site.

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