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How it Works

What is BallHyped?

BallHyped is a social vote-up community for sports bloggers and fans. The Digg-style site gives bloggers an opportunity to share their posts with other sports fans and bloggers and also get links, traffic, exposure and promotion in return.

What are the benefits using BallHyped?

  • Each post shared receives multiple FOLLOWED links back to the original blog post page.
  • All contributions are promoted on the site’s homepage, sports landing pages and on BallHyped.com’s various social media sites.
  • Each post includes a snapshot of the original blog and encourages reader engagement with voting, commenting and sharing functionality, along with seamless twitter/facebook integration with user profiles.

How to sign up

Signing up is simple. Go to http://ballhyped.com and click on any of the signup/register/login buttons. On the register tab, enter your username and email address and a password will be emailed to you. If you don’t see the confirmation email in a few minutes, check your spam filter for the temporary password, which you can change from your profile page once you log in. You can access your profile via the admin bar at the top of the page after logging in.

How to post

You can “Hype” a blog post by clicking on the green “Hype A Blog Post” button in the sidebar. Like Digg or Reddit, you can share your blog entry by entering the title, URL, tags (not required), sport/category and first sentence or two of the body text. Click submit and the blog with be published or submitted for a quick editorial review.

From there, posts can be voted and commented on, shared and promoted on-site and via various social media networks.

What to Post

Blog owners are encouraged to post their own blogs as well as others’ blog entries. We only ask that the blogs you post have national appeal and add value to the BallHyped sports community.

Do not post spam or advertising or your account will be deleted.

When writing articles for BallHyped.com, Authors are encouraged to follow AP Style.

If referring to an off-site post, your entry on BallHyped.com should be concise and to the point with a title and description that captures what the story is all about. For more on writing headlines for the Web, read our article on SEO tips for writers. Here are some additional tips on writing for the web.

Authors are also encouraged to tag their posts and publish them under the appropriate category (sport). Carefully fact check your piece before posting and double check for grammatical and spelling errors that will lower the credibility with both readers and BallHyped.com’s editorial staff.

Reasons posts may be unaccepted or deleted

BallHyped.com reserves the right to remove or deny posts that are:
- Explicit, defamatory or malicious content
- Libelous content or statements that violate third party rights
- Provide content that outlines illegal, unethical activities
- Spamming, flaming, soliciting, promoting, advertising for commercial purpose
- Plagiarism, posting copyrighted content
- Clear misuse of the BallHyped.com Privacy Policy.
- Content that is inaccurate or misleading
- Spam or promotional content and advertising


Comments may be posted on the site and author submissions, so we ask comment posters to follow the same guidelines as posters. While you are free to express your opinion on posts, we ask that you stay on topic and refrain from profanity, spamming, flaming, advertising, etc. We reserve the right to remove any comments for any reason at any time.