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Big Ten Football: Denard Robinson or James Vandenberg, Who’s Better?

www.rantsports.com - When it comes to Big Ten quarterbacks, there are two big names, Denard Robinson and James Vandenberg. These two seniors are the cream of the crop, both in their own regards. Robinson is a classic run first college quarterback, while Vandenberg ...

Michael Vick Trying Out New Flak Jacket

www.rantsports.com - Michael Vick is going to start the season opener for the Philadelphia Eagles, despite the soreness that hasn’t left his ribs. “Still sore. Feels a lot better… Working through it,” Vick said Tuesday.

Rookie Sings on Request from Jared Allen During Game

www.rantsports.com - Arguably the most entertaining part of Friday night’s loss to the San Diego Chargers was Jared Allen being mic’d up.The All-Pro defensive end provided laughs all night, from crazy sound effects, to funny one-liners. After he was removed from the game, ...

Is a Roger Clemens Comeback Good for Baseball?

www.rantsports.com - Roger Clemens looked pretty good in his return to baseball Saturday night, of course with the exception of those blonde highlights… Seriously though, for a 50 year-old who hasn’t stepped on a mound in five years, it was pretty impressive.

Evander Holyfield Tweets Joke About Mike Tyson T-Shirt Line

www.rantsports.com - Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield are two boxers that will be forever associated with each other. Of course this all stems from that infamous night in June 1997, when Tyson bit off a chunk of Holyfield’s ear during a title ...

Jasper Brinkley Getting Back to Old Self at Linebacker for Minnesota Vikings

www.rantsports.com - After missing last season due to hip surgery, Minnesota Vikings middle linebacker Jasper Brinkley is working his way back into playing shape in 2012. The 27 year old is the next in line after the team decided to not resign ...

Michael Vick No Longer Worth the Risk in Fantasy Football

www.rantsports.com - If you were thinking this year was going to be different for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. Just two games into the preseason, Vick has already suffered an injury in both contests.

#NFL Rumors: Minnesota Vikings No Longer in Running to Play in London

www.rantsports.com - With Tuesday’s announcement that the Jacksonville Jaguars will be playing 4 games in London, fans have to wonder if the Minnesota Vikings are still in the running to play overseas as well? Before the team’s preseason game last Friday night, executive ...

Iowa Hawkeyes: Analyzing the Impact of RB Barkley Hill’s Injury

www.rantsports.com - With the news of Iowa Hawkeyes freshman running back Barkley Hill‘s season ending injury, fans are once again left scratching their heads. How can this be? How can this many running backs not stay on the field at Iowa? Normally I ...

Minnesota Vikings’ Players Face Harsh Penalty for Touching Adrian Peterson in Practice

www.rantsports.com - With Adrian Peterson‘s return to practice this week, things are getting back to normal for the Minnesota Vikings. Everything except one little item… Players are not allowed to make contact with Peterson, at all. The proverbial halo has been placed ...