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Brad Wolff

My name is Brad Wolff and I am a 14 year old sports blogger. I started writing my blog, The King of Sports Blog, in March of 2008. Since then I have interviewed many stars such as Mark Sanchez, Michael Irvin, Yogi Berra, Andrew Luck, Derrick Favors, Ralph Kiner, Roberto Alomar, and over 80 more. My articles have been featured on: Yahoo! FanVsFan.com TheSportsLead.com Footbasket.com USAToday.com BreakingTheBackboard.com and many more You could read my old posts at http://thekingofsportsblog.blogspot.com/ and check out my current blog at www.thekingofsportsblog.com (FanVsFan) Follow me on Twitter @brad_wolff I will follow you back for a fact.

Website: http://www.thekingofsportsblog.com

Twitter: @brad_wolff

Daily Debate: Kevin Durant .vs. LeBron James (in 2012)

thekingofsportsblog.com - Brad Wolff of TheKingofSportsBlog gives you the numbers and the info and tweet (@brad_wolff) or FaceBook me (facebook.com/tkosb) on which superstar was better in 2012: Kevin Durant or LeBron James? The two forwards are the favorites for the MVP award, ...

NBA Star and Dancer John Wall Unveils ZigEncore by Reebok

thekingofsportsblog.com - Check out the great video featuring 14 year old interview phenom, Brad Wolff's interview with John and the coverage of the event, included is the video of John getting his dance moves on with a fan. Brad has interviewed over ...

NFL Labor Situation Featuring Justin Upton, Roger Goodell, and Aldon Smith

thekingofsportsblog.com - How do Justin Upton, Roger Goodell, and Aldon Smith all come together when I talk about the NFL Lockout? Well, the wacky incidents I've had will answer that question. Let's begin in August 2010. I visited San Francisco with my ...

Baseball’s in the Emergency Room…Dying

thekingofsportsblog.com - Baseball is great. It is a form of unification for many years. Everyone on the planet knows who Babe Ruth is, and names like Derek Jeter and Barry Bonds (not for good reasons) are household names throughout the world. Eventually ...

Interview with Newest Baseball Hall of Famer, Roberto Alomar

thekingofsportsblog.com - Roberto Alomar may be the greatest second baseman of all time, but he was great enough to become one of the newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. On July 24th, the Blue Jays infielder will join Twins pitcher ...

The King of Sports Blog Radio

www.blogtalkradio.com - Listen to Brad Wolff's radio show Fridays 4:30 PM ET to 6:30 PM ET. Wolff, editor of TheKingofSportsBlog.com, started the radio show last month and immediately got amazing feedback. Listen in!

Brad Wolff’s Interview with Archie Griffin

thekingofsportsblog.com - Archie Griffin is the only 2-time Heisman Trophy winner. Griffin won his two Heismans at The Ohio State University playing running back. Griffin's remarkable feat was nearly repeated by Tim Tebow, who was a finalist three times, but won the ...