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Rick Reilly Loves Derrick Rose (and TV Magicians)

firerickreilly.com - Rick Reilly loves him some Derrick Rose, which is fine. He also loves him some washed up entertainer-magicians, which is kind of weird. It's not a terrible column by Reilly's standards, so that means it's bad for pretty much everyone ...

Rick Reilly Argues with Himself about the New York Jets

firerickreilly.com - Oh boy...here's Rick Reilly arguing with himself over whether or not he hates the New York Jets, Rex Ryan, and Mark Sanchez. It's odd and poorly done (of course).

Does Defense Win Championships?

firerickreilly.com - The talking heads all agree: Defense Wins Championships. But is it true? We look at the stats (from all the Super Bowl winners since 1970) and give the final word.

Sports Media All Write Same Ben Roethlisberger Story

firerickreilly.com - Super Bowl week is gonna be even worse than normal. Seriously, there are four teams left in the playoffs right now, and three of the largest sports news outlets on the ‘ol internet have, like, the same exact story running ...

How Lance Armstrong Can Rekindle Rick Reilly’s Career

firerickreilly.com - Sports Illustrated has a pretty huge story with supposedly new information that is potentially damning to Lance Armstrong. A long, long, long time denier of doping and steroid use (he doth protest too much, comes to mind), Armstrong’s before ...

Rick Reilly’s Tim Tebow-Fantasy Football Miracle!

firerickreilly.com - Oh look, Rick Reilly writing a column about Fantasy Football AND Tim Tebow. This should be good. And by “good” I mean absolutely terrible and dripping with sap. Prepare yourselves.

Jose Canseco is Uncle Rico

firerickreilly.com - We all know that Jose Canseco is pretty delusional. But his latest round of Twitter insanity, fresh off the heels of being named to Celebrity Apprentice, is pretty stellar.

Rick Reilly Writes Nothing About Jay Cutler

firerickreilly.com - If the summarize tool still existed in Word 2010 (and, really, it’s sad that it doesn’t), then today’s Reilly column would have read something like this: “Jay Cutler is not a likable person. Many people agree with the this ...

Grumpy Murray Chass is Grumpy

firerickreilly.com - Murray Chass gets all uppity over Stats, the Hall of Fame, Jeff Bagwell, tepid soup (not really, but you believed it). And it's all there on his blog that's not actually a blog! Hooray!

Rick Reilly, Obama, and the BCS: Oh Boy

firerickreilly.com - The Rickster’s column today was on the BCS. Namely, how there should be no BCS, but rather a playoff system. So far, so good. Most people recognize that the current BCS system is deeply flawed. I’ve really got no ...